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So you may ask yourself.... Why are they doing this? Here is why:

In today's ever changing and often perilous music industry, the need and desire for change is apparent. Everyone from Coldplay to Nine Inch Nails and even, gasp, Metallica have embraced and attempted to harness the power of digital distribution.

While the illicit implications of digital distribution cannot be overlooked or pushed aside in a causal manner, the world that we musicians live in is rapidly evolving into something that no one knows or can predict. All that is certain is that we must embrace this technology and find a way to use it to reach out and find new friends and fans.

So please, enjoy the music available for free download on this site and know that while you do have the option to pay any amount you want for it, we would much rather that you take it and act as our vessels – spreading our music and ideas to everyone and anyone you see fit. If you truly like what you hear please share it with us and come to a live performance – we live and breathe music and nowhere is it more apparent then up on stage.


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